Fractal Axe FX II & Matrix GT1000FX

Fractal Axe Fx II: -


Dual DSP for greater amp modelling depth and detail

All new G2 Modeling Technology

Many great new Amp Models onboard.

74 Factory + 50 User Cabs, at twice the resolution.

Tone Matching of amps or recordings

Onboard Cab IR Capture utility.

Balanced Rear Inputs.

New AES digital Input.

Onboard USB.

- Recording Capabilities including Re-amping

- Audio Interface Capabilities

- High Speed MIDI-over-USB (Byebye, Sport!)

Dedicated MFC-101 Jack (Byebye, merger!)

Built-In Backup Memory.

X-Y "Channel Switching" in 8 block types.

ABCD Control Knobs.

Headphone Jack.

Preset Directory and Swap.

And many more new features and functions.

Plus a renewed commitment to the kind of continual improvement which helped the Standard and Ultra to grow and evolve across 11+ firmware updates...

Matrix GT1000FX Power Amp: -


The GT1000FX is a lightweight 1U format stereo rack mount power amplifier designed specifically for use by guitarists that builds on the Matrix heritage. The GT1000FX is designed with a full range of guitar products in mind, from modellers to valve pre-amps, pre-amp pedals, “slaving” traditional amplifiers and the newer mini-amps with line outputs.


Dual speed fans ensure that the amplifier stays cool with even all that power, under the most demanding conditions. Neutrik combi 1/4 inch/XLR inputs and combi 1/4inch/Speakon outputs give you maximum flexibilty in how you connect the GT1000FX. We’ve also added a dedicated output for bridged mode, so no special cables are necessary to deliver the full mono power of the amplifier into any impedance of 8 ohms or over. The GT1000FX still has the same ability to handle all impedances 4 ohms and over including mis-matched loads giving you the widest choice when using your favourite cabs and speakers. Running a 2×12 cab with an 8 ohm and 16 ohm speaker in mono or running a 4 ohm cab on one side and a 16 ohm cab on the other in stereo mode is no problem for the GT1000FX!

Designed by Tom Quayle - 2013