Fusion Essentials - Creative Use of Pentatonics1


The Pentatonic Scale is the most familiar scale for most guitarists but how can you make it sound hip and modern in a fusion context? This tutorial will help you to make new sounds with your existing knowledge and teach you some of the essential theory behind these sounds. Learn how to make the most of your pentatonic scales and utilise them in new and exciting ways. This tutorial will take what you already know and expand it to work over blues progressions, common chord progressions, modal chords and changes playing. Complete with 3 Backing Tracks to try the new ideas with. Includes 2 long solo examples with complete transcriptions - transcribed by Levi Clay - leviclay88@gmail.com All this for just $20.00! (VAT/Sales Tax may be added depending on where you live)2 Instant Download in PDF and MP3 format. (.zip file) This is a text, audio and notation based tutorial with no video content. This is NOT a physical product - ONLY A DIGITAL ONE
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Designed by Tom Quayle - 2013